• RAMON robot spraying system has been widely applied to large steel mills, including Shaoguan Steel and Ma Steel.
  • The nuclear project contract marks RAMON has successfully entered the new field of nuclear power.
  • RAMON attended “Metal-expo 2015”(the 21st International metallurgical exhibition of Russia) held in Moscow, Russia. The innovation ability and technical strength has won highly recognition from the attended experts.
  • RAMON remote monitoring room is put into use. It will provide intelligent integrated service for the customers.
  • Ramon the branch company of RAMON in America is established.
  • RAMON CEO, Dr. Tian Lu has honorably obtained Science & Technology Outstanding Contribution Award and the First Prize of Industry, Academy and Research Cooperation Award.
  • RAMON has successfully obtained the First Prize of Science & Technology Progress Award of Hengyang.
  • RAMON Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System (Slab Type) has got successful hot commissioning at India JSW and Thailand Taiyu Steel respectively. Thereafter, the technology of RAMON Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System has won appreciation from overseas customers.
  • RAMON has been once again certified as National Key High-tech Enterprise and Key Software Enterprise (only two opportunies in Hunan).
  • The first set of RAMON Sonar Slag Detection System has got successful acceptance at Tongcai Jianbang Steel, Shanxi. The first set of RAMON Laser Powder Thickness Measurement System has got successful acceptance at Sha Steel.
  • “RAMON Vibration Ladle Slag Detection System” has been applied to POSCO, South Korea successfully. This technology has got rapid promotion from domestic market to overseas market.
  • RAMON has honorably obtained the Second Prize of 2013 National Science & Technology Progress Award from National Association of Industry and Commerce. RAMON Remote Monitoring System has got the special support for high-tech services from National Development and Reform Commission.
  • In December, RAMON Ladle Slag Detection System succeeded in the tests in both Xiangtan Steel and Sha Steel.
  • RAMON Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System has passed the evaluation and identification by the experts.
  • In 2010,RAMON was permitted to set up a mobile postdoctoral center
  • The company was named as “Advanced Science and Technology-oriented Mid- and-small-scale Enterprise” by Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC.
  • RAMON Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System obtained 1.7 million RMB free financial assistance from The Innovation Fund for Small Technology-based Firms.
  • RAMON has been certified as the third batch of ”Advantageous Enterprises for Cultivation of Intellectual Property Rights”.
  • In 2009,the poject of Xingsha Industrial Park was launched.
  • In the mean time, RAMON has been recognized as the first batch of national hi-tech enterprise,
  • In 2008,RAMON signed a contract for a 100 acre land for the construction of Xingsha Industrial Park.
  • RAMON Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System and RAMON Automatic Marking Machine were exported to India and Brazil respectively.
  • RAMON Dynamic Soft Reduction System successfully went through a heat run test in Nanjing Steel
  • In 2007,RAMON obtained 2.5 million RMB of free financial assistance for the Transformation of Technology Achievement Project by the Ministry of Finance of PRC.
  • RAMON Mould Level Measurement System(Electromagnetic Type) was put into use in Benxi Steel.
  • RAMON was named the only software export advanced enterprise in Hunan Province
  • In 2006,RAMON Hi-tech Zone was completed and the company moved in it. Cooperation with POSCO(Korea) and Yanshan Petrochemical Corporation were successfully established.
  • RAMON has gained 1.5 million RMB of national free financial assistance, 1.7 million RMB discount and 10 million RMB bank loans.
  • More than a dozen new products like RAMON Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System For Billet/Bloom Caster, RAMON Hydraulic Non-Sinusoidal Oscillation System and Automatic Marking System.
  • India and North Korea has became our new international market taget.
  • In 2005,RAMON made a histrionic leap, earning a total sales income of more than 100 million. Changsha Branch Company and Beijing Research Institute were established one by one.
  • RAMON obtained 1million RMB from National Innovation Fund, becoming an enterprise on the priority list which the state will pay more attention to support its development.
  • After getting the certification ISO9001 and ISO14001, RAMON expanded its market, trying its hand at steel rolling and petrochemical.
  • RAMON Breakout Prediction System and Remote Monitoring System has came into being. The remote monitoring system witnessed RAMON access to the Information Age.
  • The contract of RAMON Ladle Slag Detection System with a Thailand company marked RAMON’s presence in the international market.
  • RAMON’s sales income hit another record high, reaching 70 million RMB.
  • The success of RAMON Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System For Slab Caster in the heat run test set a milestone for the company’s future development.
  • RAMON has experienced a change from pure industrial management to diversified strategic management by developing Six Sigma, practicing the project management system.
  • RAMON has also obtained 80 thousand RMB loan from Hengayng Municipal Government and started the RAMON Hi-tech Zone construction.
  • In 2003,RAMON surmounted a total sales income volume of 30 million RMB.
  • RAMON took part two international exhibitions, attempting setting step in overseas market.
  • In 2003,RAMON surmounted a total sales income volume of 30 million RMB.
  • In June 2002, RAMON signed a stopper control system contract with Bao Steel, paving RAMON the way to access to overseas market.
  • In September of the same year, the successful debut in China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition greatly enhanced RAMON’s international reputation.
  • RAMON has ever since been the leading company of the industry in China.
  • In 2001,RAMON successfully developed the automatic powder feeding system and was identified as a software enterprise by National Ministry of Information Industry
  • In the two bids by Xinyu Steel and Shaoguan Steel, RAMON Stopper Digital Control System stood out and the company signed a contract worth 2 million RMB.
  • RAMON Mould Level Measurement System (Cs-137 Radioactive Type), RAMON Automatic Cut-in-length Control System and RAMON Stopper Digital Control System were identified as software products.
  • In 2000, after the probation success in NO.5 steelmaking plant of Bao Steel, 34 sets of RAMON Stopper Digital Control System were sold out through the whole year
  • In 1996, the Cs-137 radioactive type was transformed into built-in pattern, solving the operation problems when the equipment is externally mounted, winning the customers who originally denied RAMON.
  • In 1998, RAMON beat other 4 foreign competitors in a bid by Panzhihua Steel and signed a contract of mould level measurement system (eddy current type). In the same year
  • In 1995,RAMON developed the mould level measurement system (eddy current type) and the system successfully passed the trial in NO.2 steelmaking plant of Wuhan Steel.
  • In 1994, RAMON developed the mould level measurement system (electromagnetic type) and successfully applied it in the converter workshop of Guangzhou Steel.
  • In 1993, Nanjing Steel Invited a bid of infrared mould level measurement system project for the 4# four-strand continuous caster and RAMON won out.
  • On January 3rd, 1993, Hengyang RAMON Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was founded and it was certified as a provincial high-tech enterprise.
  • In 1992,the predecessor of RAMON—Shenzhen Baoan RAMON Co., Ltd. was founded.

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