RAMON slag detection and skateboard slag automatic linkage system

In the process of steelmaking and continuous casting, the control of the amount of slag is the key to the quality of the finished steel. RAMON slag detection and automatic slag blocking system is one of the company's detection and automation products. It is based on the obvious difference between molten steel and steel slag at a certain distance. It adopts the most advanced infrared imaging technology combined with unique analysis algorithm. The slag content of the molten steel in the tapping process of the converter/electric furnace is detected.


  • Fastly resolve molten steel and steel slag in steel flow;
  • Sound and light alarm prompts when slag is discharged, and the steel is quickly stopped by automatic slag;
  • Automatic control of automatic identification of tapping to slag removal, no manual observation, reducing labor intensity and ensuring production safety;
  • Effective slag quantity control to improve the quality of molten steel and reduce subsequent input costs.




  • Slag blocking success rate: >99%;
  • The success rate of the slag alarm: >99%;
  • Institutional Shutdown Speed: <1s;
  • Sampling speed: 50fps;
  • Response time: <30s;
  • ambient temperature: -40-120 degrees Celsius;


Product advantages

Product technical advantages:

Real-time detection of the slag situation in a comprehensive manner, highly reliable;
Very high resolution for slag in molten steel flow, high anti-interference ability, low false alarm rate;
The camera automatically adjusts to intelligently adapt to changes in the temperature of the molten steel in the converter;
The monitor displays the image of the molten steel flow and reflects the pixel coloration of the slag (can be set according to user requirements). The right side of the screen shows the status of the converter work and the slag content light column display. The real-time curve below shows the percentage of slag content and Steel flow parameters.

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