Ramon Laser Type Converter Lining Thickness Measuring System

Ramon Laser Type Converter Lining Thickness Measuring System

Adopting rapid and accurate 3D laser scanner to acquire data,combine with high efficiency software tool it can rapidly, accurate and full-scalemeasure converter lining thickness, thus to ensure safe operation of steelmaking, extend lining service life and optimize steelmaking process.


  • Fast measurement speed: area fastest measure time<1min, total graph measure time<7min;
  • Excellence performance of high temperature protection:it can conduct measurement at minimum 2 meters from converter after tapping;
  • Accurate and visible measure result: system accuracy up to ±5mm, with 2D and 3D thickness graph;
  • High scanning dot density: it can show thickness status of lining precisely;
  • Fast and convenient measurement: automatic positing, and one key operation;
  • Complete protective function: Automatic high temperature precaution, low power indicating, fan cooling functions;
  • Complete addition function: molten bath level prediction and tapping angle prediction;




  • System accuracy ±5mm
  •  Reproducibility ±5mm
  • Fast measure time for area <1min
  • Total graph measure time 5-7min
  • Positioning time <1min
  • Max lining temperature applicable for measuring 1700℃


Product advantages

It can prevent converter steel leakageaccidents;

It can provide proper instruction on lining repair and increase lining service life;

It can predict converter bath level and tapping angle, optimize oxygen lance position, instruct and optimize slag splashing lining protection process, and guide lining gunning mix selection and consumption.


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